About CompSYS

CompSYS Software Solutions was founded in November 1990 by Graham Brown.

We've always been fanatical about providing the best possible solution to clients. Back in the 1990s these were all green screen MS-DOS™ affairs. Well before the dawn of
Windows™. Graham remembers his first IBM portable computer which was the size of a suitcase, this had far less processing power than your MP3 player or wristwatch.

Even with the lowly origins of computing we still managing to create some amazing solutions. As a testament to how well they were written we still have the "Meter Invoicing
System" and "Jobcosting" out in the field. We still provide support and have the old DOS laptop to prove it!

With the birth of Desqview followed by the Windows™ operating system we really had something to get our creativity motoring.

Gone were the days of the green screen and plain text and in came a whole new world of colour and graphics, faster computers and new ways to visualise software solutions.

Many of our clients took advantage of this and upgraded to newer versions of our products. This also gave us the opportunity to demonstrate what we can do !
Our range of products continue to go from strength to strength and now include some 30 or so different solutions.

As technology continues to race ahead we pride ourselves on providing the right platform for our clients. Some like to have the latest technology and others like our "Jobcosting" client are quite happy to hang back. That is perfectly okay because we will provide them with the tools they need and we'll be here when they want to change.

This brings us to our newest chapter which is mobile development, this presents many challenges because the lines between the old and new ways are suddenly very blurred.

We are happy to provide solutions which sit on our clients' computers, we are also happy to show them how the Web is not just for playing games

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