Implementing GoCardless Payment Gateway

Direct Debit Payment Gateway
I’ve spent some time last month implementing Direct Debit payments into one of our websites. I’m now able to set up a Direct Debit payment plan directly from the website as an alternative to credit card payments. This also saves a lot of hassle sending out forms etc.

Quite pleased with the way it has gone and my clients tell me how much easier it is to pay me now!

If you would like help with this payment gateway please let me know.
If you are already looking at this payment gateway and would like to save yourself £50 on processing fees please let me know.

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Inbound SMS text to database

Following on from our previous post (  we’ve also recently written an inbound SMS text solution.

Our client is a Property Maintenance Company working on behalf of landlords and agents across the midlands.

Our client was already using our database to sms link for outgoing texts. The solution they needed would allow the property tenants to send messages back to our client. Each message received would then be stored in our database on the property notes thereby giving them a complete history of all contact.

There were two ways for us to achieve inbound SMS texts, the first with a virtual mobile number or with an SMS Shortcode. Our customer chose the SMS Shortcode.

All their tenants need to do is text their message to the Shortcode (88800) with a keyword.  Texts use a standard network text message so free for most tariffs.
Our solution picks up this message and processes it straight into the database. Our solution can also send automated replies such as “Thank you for contacting us…” via text and email.
This is a simple example of how we’ve helped one of our clients provide a more responsive service.

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CompSYS make website hosting simple.

Powerful Cloud based Hosting.

Our web hosting is user-friendly enough for beginners yet practical enough for seasoned developers and businesses. Ideal for a wide range of websites, projects and applications, whatever you’re looking for from your web hosting, we have the solution to make your vision a success.

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Database to SMS Text Message Link

We were asked by one of our clients to assist their call centre/helpdesk. They were struggling to handle hundreds of calls per day from their customers chasing up the state of repairs.

What we did was write a new SMS Link into their software solution. Each time one of their jobs change status the SMS Link automatically sends a personalised SMS text message and email to their customer with the current state of the repair. This keeps their customers informed at every step in the repair process. The SMS Link saves our client having several staff members answering queries and frees these staff members to concentrate on providing a better service.

Our client is already receiving positive feedback from their customers and is delighted with the results and the money they save in labour.

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What our customers say:

“I want to thank you for the excellent and efficient work CompSYS have done for us. This has meant an increase in revenue for our company.”
Lee, Myriad.

“Excellent work with the email marketing, the first email campaign brought in over £10,000 in less than two 2 days”
David, Portable Floor.


Day off to tinker with WordPress.

As busy as we are here at CompSYS, I thought today I’m going to get round to setting up the company WordPress site.

I’ve been thinking for a while now about linking our social media accounts together. So having looked at the various WordPress plugins I’ve been tinkering with the Jetpack plugin.

At first glance Jetpack looks like an excellent product. It manages the links between our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and provides loads of statistics. I think I’m only scratching the surface of this product but first impressions are good.

If you’d like to see what I’ve been up to please go to I’d welcome any comments or criticisms!

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Sage Line 50 Import

We were asked by one of our clients to read information into Sage Line 50.
By taking all the information from all the seperate systems our client already had we were able to import this directly into Sage Line 50. This amounted to several thousand records, all processed within a matter of seconds.

Our client estimated this saved them several days typing.

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CompSYS release new Drawing Office Solution

We have completed the first phase of our new Drawing Office Solution for a major railway carriage manufacturer.
Key functions

  • Parts Lists
  • Purchase Enquiries
  • Purchase Orders
  • Drawing Issue Management and Version Control

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