Microsoft Office Integration

Most companies use the Microsoft Office suite of programs so Word, Excel, Outlook, Access etc. You may not realise these tools come with an extensive and feature rich programming environment called Visual Basic for Applications or VBA for short.

VBA allows common tasks to be automated at the touch of a button.

To explain I'll provide three examples of previous projects: -

  1. We were on-site just before the last christmas holidays and happened to notice one of the secretaries frantically typing letters. She explained that they were needed to inform their customers and suppliers about the impending holiday period. All in all there were about 8,000 letters to go out.

    We demonstrated how to take information directly from the database and merge it with the letter format. 8,000 letters sorted in about 5 minutes.

  2. We were tasked with creating a simple mechanism for updating product price-lists on a clients website. It needed to be simple so everyone understood how to do it.

    We designed a simple Excel spreadsheet which could be filled in, this spreadsheet has a large "Update the website" button. This spreadsheet could equally have shared its information anywhere it needed to.

  3. One of our favourites was a rather sceptical customer who couldn't understand the importance of email newsletters.

    We wrote a simple mechanism to send emails to his entire customer database with company information and a special offer. The phone starting ringing immediately and my customer reported orders totalling over £10,000 in less than 1 hour.
    We resisted the temptation to say "Told you so!"

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