Software Support.

Technical Support - Monthly
£75 per month

Unlimited phone support
Unlimited email support
Unlimited remote support
Unlimited programming warranty

Technical Support - Adhoc

Per hour technical support at £50.00
Per incident support at £150.00
We offer technical support on all our solutions. Each solution comes with an extended warranty, at the end of the warranty period we will continue to provide chargeable support either on a monthly basis or on an adhoc basis.

Each adhoc request is provided for a single incident only unless otherwise arranged with CompSYS.

Support is charged at £50.00 in 15 minutes increments with a maximum incident charge of £150.00

If you have a valid support contract reference (SCR) number please enter it in space provided otherwise adhoc requests for support must be accompanied by an official purchase order number.

Payment must be made by GoCardless Bank Transfer or Credit Card within 14 days unless otherwise arranged.

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