Websites and Web Applications

Web Applications are the generic term given to a solution that runs within a browser. So for instance you would open Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc and just enter the link into the address bar. At its most basic a web application and a website are fairly identical. In our opinion a website will become more like a web application when it integrates into other systems such as databases, back office systems like accounts and other systems.

Web applications will normally require very little server resources and for the most part will run on a standard web hosting account.

Typically Web Applications require no setting up for each person using the solution. Each person just gets a link and that's it.
Web applications can be as stylised as they need to be.

Web applications can also be "responsive". To see what we mean resize your browser window on this page and as it gets progressively smaller the page changes. Using these responsive techniques web applications can be structured so they look good on a mobile phone right up to a large monitor.

So what are the disadvantages to a Web Application?

Cost may be an issue depending what server resources the application needs.
Web applications lack the full functionality of of Windows based applications.

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