Windows Applications

Chances are you already use Windows™ style applications, these range from the browser you are viewing this page on to the accounts system you use at work.

Windows applications tend to all look and feel the same, the functionality may differ but they all behave in roughly the same way. I don't think this is a bad thing it certainly makes learning a new solution far easier.
The two screen-shots above show the menu and registry editor from one of our systems, you probably know how to use these screen because they will look familiar.
Windows applications also allow you to open several screens at once which if you are working on several things at once is a big deal.

So what are the disadvantages to a Windows system?

Windows applications require a degree of setting up on each computer which will use the solution. This would normally be a case of ensuring you have the correct permissions to the computer and running the Setup.exe file. I guess this isn't a massive problem but if you have 500+ computers to set up then possibly it may be?
Windows applications sometimes look a bit boring, lots of grey which puts some people off.
Newer technology from Microsoft blurs these lines by allowing a Windows application to look a lot more stylish.

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